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Sheet Music Notation Software for the Beginner
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Writing Sheet Music for the Soloist or the Orchestra in Pizzicato!

A word processor helps you write letters and print them; Pizzicato helps you write sheet music and print it

Piano, Organ, Percussion, Guitar and Bass Guitar, Tuba, Banjo, Flute, etc.
Pizzicato can help you with any Music Notation!!!!

Music starts in many forms like:

• handwritten scores,
• ideas in your head,
• sacred hymns,
• music class lessons
• and even other songs.
Quickly and Easily, you will notate your songs and then print them out on paper looking professional and ready for you or the musicians.

You can do this in the comfort of your home and without much experience with computers.

As you’re reading these pages, you probably already have a basic understanding of computers: either Mac or PC.

You can probably use the mouse quite well.

You, also, probably have a good printer and know how to print things.

Pizzicato can help you to put all these skills and tools (you already have) together and help you compose, arrange and print your sheet music.

Pizzicato even has a basic course on using the computer in it’s manual!

Let’s talk about how this is done….



“Indeed, I use this program more and more and I find that it is terribly well done! It should be said that since its purchase, I have enjoyed this software very much, for its easy use as well as for its advanced functions. Well done for the follow-up and the evolution of this excellent software.”

Johann S.


Your Sheet Music Notes


To start with, on the Pizzicato screen, you will see an empty music staff.  It looks like this:

An empty music staff

To add notes and rhythms, Pizzicato has tool palettes for virtually every feature you need for music notation.  Here is a small example of these palettes:

Pizzicato tools pallette

Now for adding notes to the empty measure, click on the note you want and then click on the measure where you want that note placed.  Pizzicato draws a note.

As you add notes and rests, Pizzicato automatically adjusts the positions for you, and with just a few mouse clicks you end up with a complete measure:

A measure of music.

What if you don’t know about
music notes, measures or basic sheet music notation?

Click here to see how Pizzicato can help you Learn Music!

Here is where the experienced musician asks “what about the music clef, the key signature, the time signature, and other music symbols?”

Here is where Pizzicato excels! Pizzicato provides palettes for the clef, the key signature, the time signature and virtually every other music symbol you’ll need. Thus, with just a few clicks, you get:

A bass clef measure of music.

Additionally, if the time signature changes later in the music, you just add a new signature right where you want it.  Any where in the score you can change.  Choose the symbol from a palette and click ion the measure (or staff) where you want it.


You write the music and Pizzicato draws
the notes and symbols on the sheet music!


“I thank you for the assistance you bring to musicians and other music lovers
by the way of a complete and instructive program.”

Françoise B.


That covers the basic stuff you say, but what about the more difficult things in music?


Customize Your Measure


Do you want a wider measure, or do you want to narrow it?

Do you wish to change the stems of some notes? Maybe make them longer or reverse them?

Would you like to slightly move two voices in order to make the music more readable?

Do you want to group or separate the note beams in an unusual way?

Do you need to shrink or change a note head?

Pizzicato can easily do all these things and more!

With just a few mouse clicks: The result is a re-structured measure, easy to look at and read.  No headaches, no never ending menus, just simple clicks from palette to measure.

Here is an illustration:

A complicated measure of music.

Now what you need is symbols for giving instructions to the musicians.


Customize Your Sheet Music



Everyone of these symbols is provided on a palette.

Here are some examples:

Examples o Music Symbols.

With the same ease of use, you will also be able to add:

  • Titles and comments
  • Measure numbers and page numbers
  • Up to 8 lines of lyrics, automatically aligned under their respective notes
  • Chord symbols for Guitarists
  • Repeats and Special bar lines
  • And virtually every musical symbols you can think of..

As a picture is better than a thousand words, look at this:


A very complicated measure in the sheet music.

Most measures are not this complicated but, this gives you an example of the graphical and music notation power at your disposal.


“I am very satisfied with your Pizzicato software. Many achievements were possible thanks to its flexibility and its simple effectiveness.”

Laurent Pigeolet – Professor at the Music Academy of Ottignies (Belgium)


Create and print your Sheet Music.
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So you now know you can write a measure and customize it a thousand different ways. But what about writing a full score for several instruments, with many pages, staves and systems? Can Pizzicato handle this complexity?


Yes, with Pizzicato, you can also master these aspects.


You Control The Page Layout of Your Sheet Music!


What is page layout?

It is the control Pizzicato gives you over :

  • The number of measures per staff (which may be different for each staff)
  • Vertical Spacing between staves (staves is the plural of staff) and systems (a system is a set of  staves played together like a piece for piano)
  • The number of staves or systems per page
  • The Margins of the score• The printing size (printing zoom)

Two powerful and simple Pizzicato dialog boxes help you to master these aspects and give you total control of the scoreYou can even add pictures and text between scores for a church service or a sing along.

Structure your sheet music as you want it to look!


“The Pizzicato software surprised me for its easy use,
as well as the power of its functions.”

Marc L.

Create Your Score…Your Way


One way to start your score is to simply use the score creation assistant.

This dialog box asks you all the necessary starting information such as the number of instruments, the clefs, transposition, key and time signature, and even the number of measures you think you’ll need.

The assistant then creates a custom page layout and you can start to write your song!

Pizzicato also provides over 250 page layouts for various solo instruments up to complete groups or orchestras. With these pre-formed templates you change the number of measures you need and you’re ready to write.

You have now learned how easy it is to start your score and to write notes and symbols into the measures. There is only one final step…


Printing Your Sheet Music


Pizzicato prints your sheet music.

Clearly, with a professional quality.
Easily, you don’t have to use special paper!
On your printer. As promised!


“I get considerable pleasure in legibly copying scores for our choir.”

Edmond S.


And if the score contains several instruments, you can of course extract parts, i.e. print the individual scores for each member of your group or orchestra..

Using Pizzicato, you will also be able to :

  • Easily transpose one or more measures or staves:
  • you specify the scale or transposition interval and Pizzicato does it, including accidental’s!
  • Transcribe the chord symbols into notes on the staff (for instance if you have a song written for guitar but need it for a piano player who doesn’t read chord symbols).
  • Export a graphic image of the sheet music to your word processor (an easy way to add music scores to a music course or handbook). Manage and write notation for percussion instruments.
  • Work with the zoom on the screen (via mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts)
  • Optimize the orchestral scores (For example: if an instrument plays solo during 50 measures, it is useless to print the 20 other instruments in the conductor’s score)
  • Copy/paste measures or repeated sections (Ravel’s would have loved this feature in Bolero) and many other things as well.

In short…


Publish Your Scores Yourself With Pizzicato!

Imagine you have a new musical idea on Sunday morning.

On Monday, you present a basic lead sheet to your band.
“Hhhhmmmmm…. this idea seems promising!”  You quickly sketch out a first outline in music. You write the main theme, you fill in the score, add the chords. Add second voice here, fatten it up with a  bass there… And when your idea seems ready, the printer is fired up.

The next dayyou give your new composition to your musicians, on beautifully printed sheet music! Or, if you’re a music teacher, use Pizzicato to create customized exercise worksheets or piano notation for your students.

Perhaps you are a composer and to copyright your pieces, it is necessary to print shhet music. (The smart modules in Pizzicato Professional can save you hours of tedious page layout.)

Or maybe you sing in a choir or play in a band and you would simply like to create personalized copies of the scores or, maybe,  transpose them..

You will certainly think of other scenarios where Pizzicato can help you.


Pizzicato Was Designed Specifically For You

Pizzicato will quickly become your favorite software for musical work and, it will help you to emphasize or improve your musical abilities.

It will give you the freedom to write your music on paper and to communicate them to others with a professional look.


This program has already allowed me to compose and transcribe a large number of pieces, and I think it is very complete and well conceived.

Arnaud C.


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If you’re still thinking about this, may I give you some more information?

In fact, there are still many things to discover about Pizzicato.

And not the least of which is, a paper score is fine. But, generally, that it is not the ultimate goal of music! Now it’s time to Listen To Your Sheet Music!


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Now that you can write Sheet Music
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