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Pizzicato Videos about Music Notation,
Music Composing and Music Tutorials

Here you will find Pizzicato videos demonstrating the main features of Pizzicato and the excellent tools it has to help you compose, write and even learn music.

You may watch them to get an idea of what you will be able to do with Pizzicato or you use them to quickly and efficiently learn how to use Pizzicato.

There is over 2 hours and 47 minutes of Pizzicato videos and tutorials at your disposal, where Dominique, the designer of Pizzicato, explains how Pizzicato can help you to write and compose music.

The videos are available as Flash presentations and QuickTime Movies. You can freely download and install Flash here or QuickTime here.

The Pizzicato Videos and the accompaniment music of the Pizzicato Videos have been designed and composed with Pizzicato Professional. The sounds come from a Roland SC-55 synthesizer (Sound Canvas) and from the sample library EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (Silver Edition).

Music Notation Video’s





Introduction to Pizzicato 3.5




 Introduction to Pizzicato -Music


 Measures, Staves and Pages – Organizing the
 10:10  Flash  Quicktime
 Introducing Notes and Rests –
Part 1
 10:22  Flash  Quicktime
 Introducing Notes and Rests –
Part 2
 7:51  Flash  Quicktime
 Recording Notes and Midi from a
 8:27  Flash  Quicktime
 Copy, Paste and Transpose Measures  4:23  Flash


 Using Clefs  2:35  Flash  Quicktime
 Key and Time Signatures  3:02  Flash  Quicktime
 Playing the Score with Expression  10:56  Flash  Quicktime
 Text, Lyrics and Chords  9:45



Intuitive Music Composition Tool’s

Title Duration Flash


Your Music Desktop – Scores and
10:19 Flash Quicktime
Scores and Chords – Combining Them
13:18 Flash Quicktime
Finding Chords and Harmony 15:21 Flash Quicktime
Intuitive Music Composition 16:34 Flash Quicktime
Using Styles to Compose Music 20:24 Flash Quicktime
Composition Tools to Compose Music More
13:28 Flash Quicktime

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