Learning Music – Pizzicato has the Music Course Included

You Can Begin Learning Music,
Learning Notes and Music Notation


You Can Begin Learning Music!

Pizzicato has a complete music course inside of it with exercises to make your learning more complete.  As you do the course You will gradually learn:

  • What are the components of music – Learning Music
  • How music is written – Learn Music Notes
  • What links the score to what you hear – Learn Sheet Music
  • How to play simple scores on a keyboard – Learn How to Play Music
  • How to start composing your own music – Learn How to Compose Music
  • How to write music notation – Learn How to write and read music notation


“Pizzicato is a Midi software for computer music training. Many practical and theoretical exercises make it a complete and progressive method which also approaches the essence of Computer Aided Music without preliminary knowledge.”

Micro & Music 

Pizzicato’s music course contains a series of progressive lessons that explain step by step how music works.

 Even with no music training you have probably heard about the notes:

 C, D, E, F, G, A, B

These are literally the first words of music.

 Using practical and illustrated examples, Pizzicato helps you to learn about notes, rhythms, the staff, music clefs, and the various symbols found on a music score.

 Then, between the music theory lessons, you can put your learning into practice by using Pizzicato to write your own music.  With each lesson you will get better and better at it.

 You can soon understand and write music!


 You Can Begin Learning Music – Order Pizzicato


Learning Music and Using – The Piano Keyboard

Once you understand the basics of music notation and you know how to add notes to the staff, Pizzicato provides a series of exercises to help you learn to read simple music scores on the screen.

Additionally, if you have a music keyboard connected to your computer, you can practice the exercises with Pizzicato.

However, if you don’t have a music keyboard connected to your computer, you can still use the computer keyboard or the keyboard window on the screen:

Learning Music with the on-screen keyboard

“Published in eleven versions, this software helps you to learn music, to make your first steps with the music keyboard and to be familiarized with the basic tools to write a score”

Skynet Web Magazine

Once you’ve started learning music, know how music is written and maybe even play some music on a keyboard…

It’s time to…

Become A Composer!

We said the music course was progressive!  Now, read the several lessons about composition, and, most importantly, do the exercises.  These lessons will open to you the foundation of most music: chords. These lessons will help you learn how to sequence them and to create a starting musical harmony.  Again, exercises are provided to help you understand how to structure chords by practice and real experience.

Then, continuing exercises help you write a melody, based on chords.  with these lessons, you will start to create your first chord progressions and melodies. In other words, you’ll start composing!

“The idea is to allow anyone…to become a composer”


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