Midi Sequencer

What About MIDI?
Pizzicato is a COMPLETE Midi Sequencer.

You’ve probably already heard about MIDI. Pizzicato is a full midi sequencer!

This term is inseparable from computer aided music.

Midi is the universally recognized language which allows computers, sound cards, software and keyboards/synthesizers to communicate with each other.

Pizzicato uses the MIDI language to communicate with the sound card located in your computer; to talk with your keyboard or synth and to instruct your hosted vsti’s, to make them perform your music your way. Pizzicato is a full midi sequencer!

However, you do not need to know the technical knowledge of MIDI to compose or conduct in Pizzicato.

Pizzicato automatically handles most MIDI technical issues so that you can concentrate on your music and stay in your musical creativity and score.

And just so you technology buffs know, working with MIDI in depth will not disappoint you. Pizzicato is a full midi sequencer; you have direct access to all MIDI parameters in Pizzicato!

And what if you have an external musical device such as a hardware synthesizer, MIDI keyboard, electronic organ, or software synth?

Again, Pizzicato will meet your needs…

Connect Your MIDI Keyboard To Pizzicato

If you have a MIDI keyboard or soft synth, or if you plan to buy one, you will be able to connect it to your computer via MIDI and to use it with Pizzicato.

Once your MIDI keyboard is connected to Pizzicato, you will be able to use it as a midi sequencer in two ways.

The first way is to ask Pizzicato to play your score directly on your synthesizer. If you have a good quality device, sounds will probably be better than with the simple sound card in your computer.  Greater realism will be accessible!

The second way is so important that it deserves a special section…

Record Your Notes Directly From Your MIDI Keyboard!

Pizzicato is a full midi sequencer! You can play a melody on your MIDI keyboard, and Pizzicato will transcribe your performance to notes on the screen. And, because Pizzicato is a midi sequencer, it will also record all your controller codes and allow you to edit them.

Pizzicato gives you a one measure count in with a metronome and then you play your melody following the metronome. Pizzicato transcribes it into musical notation. You can do it at the tempo of your choice, as quick or slow as needed.  So, if it is a very hard section you can slow the metronome down to make playing all the notes easier and then, for playback, speed it back up to your desired tempo.

Additionally, you can use all the tools previously explained to correct, adjust or modify your notes and rests, to add nuances and expression and etc.

If you are not a keyboard player, you can also use step recording or the introduction of notes step by step. It is a fast and precise method.  Here is an example:

A cursor (the MIDI cursor):is blinking in the measure where you want to record the notes.

The Pizzicato Midi Sequencer recording measure

Hold a chord (or a simple note) on your music keyboard and press on the “3” key of the computer keyboard. The chord appears on the staff, with a rhythmic value of a quarter note (The “3” tells Pizzicato you want a quarter note length):

A midi sequencer chord

Press on “3” again, without holding a musical keyboard note and the equivalent rest value appears (quarter rest):

A chord and a rest both recorded in the midi sequencer



“I have been a consistent user of Pizzicato since 1996. I think that this software is very professional and above all it meets the needs of professional musicians.”

Alain Pierre – Guitarist and composer

Create your own music and arrangements.
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Are you hesitant to purchase?

You wonder if you will be able to use Pizzicato?

You wonder if all the advantages presented here are really accessible to everyone, even without computer knowledge?

And what if you have problems after buying Pizzicato? Who will help you?

Please don’t worry. 

You will Find Pizzicato quite easy to use.

This is frequently mentioned in the comments spontaneously received from users.


“I personally want to congratulate you for the beautiful program you conceived, Pizzicato. It directly appealed to me by its simplicity of use and all its possibilities.”

Bruno R.

Why is Pizzicato unanimously recognized as an easy to use midi sequencer?

Because from the beginning, Pizzicato the first purpose has always been:

To make music accessible to everyone and,
to help users gain more musical creativity.

Pizzicato was conceived with this state of mind from the beginning.  We want to help people make music.  All people, not just musical people or professionals, but also, beginners and hobbyists.

We understand the basic truth that many of our competitors still do not understand:

Musician or Composer does not rhyme
with computer specialist or technician!

We have written the instruction manual to make all aspects of computer assisted music understandable to everyone, even those who:

  • have no musical knowledge
  • have no experience in computers and software.

“I am extremely satisfied with your software which is really powerful. Your manual is very well-designed, even for someone ignorant in computers like me. Indeed, up to now, I had never had the opportunity to touch a computer.”

Sister Marcelle

Pizzicato’s manual can literally takes you by the hand and guide you, step by step, in the discovery of music and Pizzicato.

It includes a sequence of lessons; each lesson explaining in full detail an aspect of Pizzicato.

It also includes practical and illustrated examples. We suggest you execute each example yourself, step by step, and in so doing you will learn about Pizzicato, Music and even the computer.

“The manual is … well and clearly written. You can follow the method step by step…”

“Le Mot” Journal


If you can read and understand English, you will be able to use Pizzicato.

It is as simple as that. 

Now, if you are a experienced with computers and/or music, the way the manual is designed allows you to ignore all un-necessary lessons and to go directly to the material which is important to you.

“The very detailed instruction manual guides the apprentice musician step by step to learn music and the computer at the same time. But, if you are already acquainted with music software and if your goal is to write or hear your scores (Gregorian to contemporary, classical to hard rock), the design of the manual allows everybody to navigate through it according to his/her needs, from the beginner to the professional.”

Publication on music life

The full manual is accessible on the screen and contains all the lessons (a paper manual comes with the boxed version but it may not be as up to date as the on screen manual).  All on screen lessons may be printed if you want.

Yes, but…

What If You Have Questions After I’ve Bought Pizzicato?

You may be asking who is going to help you?

As your satisfaction is our first goal, we provide you with all the technical support you need via email.

Most questions are answered within 24 hours during working days and you will receive a customized answer to your specific request.  Obviously, the more information you give us in your question, the faster we can diagnose the issue, the faster we can help you.

As many times as you need help.

And without any time limits.

If we can guarantee this service to you, it’s because we believe you won’t actually need much help.  We have worked hard to make sure Pizzicato is a user-friendly program which is extremely easy to use.

“Congratulations for the quality and the presentation of your wonderful product. I am very satisfied to have chosen Pizzicato. Never did I receive such a fast response with a clear and full explanation.”

Willi M.

What Is The Price Of Pizzicato?

Pizzicato exists in various versions and editions and, just so you know, all editions are a full midi sequencer.

See the different versions here: Pizzicato Versions

Prices range from about $20 to $300 . See details Click on the order page.

In the professional version, all the functions listed on this site are included, from a basic one staff melody to a full midi sequencer orchestral score.

If you order a package, you will receive your software by mail on a DVD. If you select the considerably less expensive electronic version, you get the software with the same functions and you download it, immediately, from the Internet. Additionally, there is no time limit on the download so you can download it any time in the future.

Pizzicato Professional offers the best quality/price ratio on the market.

But you shouldn’t believe us just because we say so…

What distinguishes Pizzicato from its competitors is the combination of:

  1. An extremely powerful software, allowing you to write your music easily.
  2. A full midi sequencer with unlimited staves and measures.
  3. A particularly user-friendly and natural approach to musical notation.
  4. simple intuitive approach: you don’t need to be an expert in computers to use it.
  5. direct contact with the software publisher: you can make the product evolve according to your comments. We have been listening to you since 1992.
  6. Functions which innovate and evolve, a musical software which grows with you.

Pizzicato has been designed for you with ideas from you.


Order Pizzicato now, you will be able to write and listen to your first scores very soon!

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In Summary

If you have read this entire page, you now have a good outline of what Pizzicato can do for you as a notation software and as a midi sequencer.

It is not an accident.  It is the result of over nineteen years, invested in research and development to create tools adapted to the needs of musicians, for both beginners and professionals.

It is a tremendous of musical power in one midi sequencer.


“Congratulations and thanks for giving us a very good, working tool which has already been of great help to me and will continue to be, I am sure. What is most interesting is the ability to directly communicate with the publisher of Pizzicato.”

Laurent Haye

Music teacher at the Academy of Brussels


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