Writing Music – Composing, Orchestration, and Notation

Writing Music for
Beginners and Professionals

Writing Music
Soon you can be Orchestrating, Arranging
and Printing your music.
Even, teach yourself music composing.

Writing music is a pleasure you can enjoy anytime. It’s creative, fun, and fulfilling. Just like putting a puzzle together, Pizzicato has all the pieces you need for writing your own music.

Several times a week people contact me about helping them with writing music of their own.  Most of these people have little or no music education.  They all have a dream of writing music though.  They have an inspiration they are trying to express.  Their thoughts and feelings can be expressed via writing, orchestrating and arranging music.  If you’re a person like this, Pizzicato is made for you.

My name is Blair Ashby and I’m a professional music composer and producer.  In January of  2009 I discovered a software for writing music called Pizzicato.  After trying the free demo version for a few days, I decided I’d purchase the program for my studio.  Pizzicato turned out to be the first composing software I felt truly improved my work as a professional music producer. A few months later, I decided to represent Pizzicato in the US and Canada because I believe this program can help people write music, even if they aren’t musicians.

Pizzicato has the tools to help you make your music.

You can compose music.

     You can learn music.

          You can write, arrange and print your own music.

If you’re new to Writing Music,
Pizzicato is an excellent place to start.

Student working on a Mac
If you’re a beginner, Pizzicato has a step by step music course to teach you the basics of notes and writing music.  Click here for Learning Music Notes, Learn Sheet Music, Learn How to Play Music, and Piano Notes
Pizzicato Light
Pizzicato Light for Learning MusicPizzicato Light is a great place to start for learning music, making music lessons, and for writing short pieces of music (1 or 2 pages). Pizzicato Light also includes basic midi and audio recording features. See the full description…

For the Professional Music Composer,
Arranging and Orchestration

Writing Music with Pizzicato: The Intuitive Software for You
If you’re a professional, Pizzicato has the composition, the midi and the notation tools you need to write, produce and print the best music you’ve ever written. Click here to find out about: Composing Music in Pizzicato Professional
Pizzicato Professional
Pizzicato ProfessionalPizzicato Professional has everything Pizzicato has to offer. Every feature, every music notation tool, every composing helper, everything!  Pizzicato Professional is a complete Midi sequencer, Music Notation Program and Music Composition Program.  From small Jazz Trio’s to Full Symphonic Orchestrations, Pizzicato Professional is capable of doing the job! See the full description…

For the Hobbyist Music Composer,
Arranging and Orchestration.

Pizzicato Composition Light
Pizzicato Composition LightPizzicato Composition Light is the perfect launching pad for starting to compose your own music.  It includes most of the Intuitive Music Composition Tools and can easily help you compose a song for up to 8 instruments. See the full description…
Pizzicato Composition Pro
Pizzicato Composition ProPizzicato Composition Pro has all the Intuitive Music Composition Tools Pizzicato offers.  Whether you’re composing for a solo Guitar or a 80 piece orchestra, Composition Pro is geared for you. See the full description…

For the Director, Musician, Conductor or Composer looking for Notation and Sheet Music Printing

Pizzicato Notation
Pizzicato NotationPizzicato Notation from a solo piece to full orchestration in any style, Pizzicato Notation is perfect for full Music Notation.  All of Pizzicato Notation features are included, providing for you a complete notation program. See the full description…
Pizzicato BeginnerPizzicato Beginner is a perfect choice for the more experienced Music Composer and Engraver.  It can do pieces up to a maximum of 16 staves or instruments and, it includes a healthy compliment of Composition and Notation tools. See the full description…

For the musician looking for Notation and Printing
aimed at their specific Instrument:

Pizzicato Choir
Pizzicato ChiorPizzicato Choir aimed directly at the choral music writer.  It can in-expensively provide you with the tools specialized to the small singing group (SATB) to the full Choir.  It is excellent for printing Hymns and Sheet Music for the Singing group. See the full description…
Pizzicato Guitar
Pizzicato GuitarPizzicato Guitar focuses on the needs of the guitarist or fretted instrument composer.  It does standard notation as well as TAB and includes the specialized symbols needed for that specialized field of music. 
See the full description…
Pizzicato Keyboard
Pizzicato KeyboardPizzicato Keyboard is focused on helping you with Piano Sheet Music for the keyboard. Piano’s, Organ and Synth.  The notation you need for up to four staves. See the full description…
Pizzicato Soloist
Pizzicato SoloistPizzicato Soloist is the perfect music software for the soloist or solo instrument player.  It prints beautiful sheet music for one staff and includes all the notation tools you’ll need to notating your solo piece. See the full description…
Pizzicato Drums and Percussion
Pizzicato Drums and PercussionPizzicato Drums and Percussion includes all the tools you need to write up to 8 staves of notation for Percussion Instruments and Drums. See the full description…

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